Leah Hoch

Freelance Web Designer and project manager for online solutions


I love to use my creativity. I enjoy figuring out and organising where things work best. Code fascinates me. And that is why I chose to be a web designer! Each project is a new task to work with the client for the best platform to use, the most efficient way to grow their business, and the best use of the space on the screen. I love to take new challenges and share my expertise on every element of the business and work with other skilled freelances to make sure the vision comes a reality!

As a busy mum of four beautiful girls, pretty things surround me! Each of my daughters teach me different things and express different personalities in their own unique and perfect way. Though some days are a little hectic, and other days are extremely hectic, my girls give me inspiration to create unique, perfect and most definitely beautiful branding and designs for each client and project.


Local? Would love to meet you and sit down for a cuppa, chat about your dreams and vision for your project.

Too far to meet? No prob! A long distance Skype or phone meeting works perfectly well to understand how you envision your business.

Consultations are always free and there is no obligation to commit to anything yet! Ill jot down notes, get your ideas and input and start the ball rolling!


With all those details I’ll present to you a specification that outlines the different elements you need for your project, whether it’s branding, for print, web design or online marketing. Each section will be clearly broken down in points and quoted for. There will be no surprises for the end, you’ll know everything up front so you can make informed decisions!




Yup, there will be emails and some chats to tweak and edit your specs, to make it perfectly perfect for your project vision. But once we got it all down pat, we sign the contract and “get the party started!”